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    Healthcare for the Health Conscious

    Our members choose healthy lifestyles, which keeps costs lower and improves the health of the community.

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    Reinvigorating the Doctor-Patient Relationship

    We strive to bring economic honesty back into health care. We work together to stop hyper-inflated medical costs, and we support the move toward Direct Primary Care.

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    Freedom to Choose

    With freedom comes responsibility. Our members focus on both quality and cost together in their health care choices.

Families-Walking-Outdoors-Hold-4133449.jpgLiberty Direct is a program of Liberty HealthShare

We are a healthsharing ministry focused on honorable, conscientious, and caring sharing of medical needs among our members.

Any member of Liberty Direct is first and foremost a member of Liberty HealthShare. To learn all about Liberty HealthShare, Click Here >>

To Direct Primary Care (DPC) Doctors and Liberty Healthshare DPC Participants,


We are undertaking some changes to the Liberty Direct program in order for it to become more mainstream among Liberty HealthShare members. This website is a source of information for physicians and patients involved in Liberty HealthShare and Direct Primary Care respectively, as well as those considering participation in the program. This site will also be used to help Liberty HealthShare members recognize the value of Direct Primary Care for their own individual or family needs.

If you are not yet a member of Liberty HealthShare, we ask that you first educate yourself about healthsharing and spend some time reviewing our Sharing Guidelines.  Joining a healthcare sharing ministry requires a conscientious effort toward understanding the animating philosophy behind it. If you are attracted to Liberty HealthShare because of the low monthly contributions, please know that low contribution amounts are possible because members make a decision to adopt the mentality of healthsharing, which is nothing like the insurance mentality. Please visit Liberty HealthShare's main site for helpful information on healthcare sharing.

If you are a current Liberty Direct member or DPC physician and would like to review the changes we are undergoing, please click on the pertinent link at the top of this page. Thank you for your patience.


John Hunt, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer, Liberty HealthShare

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