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    Healthcare for the Health Conscious

    Our members choose healthy lifestyles, and that helps keep costs lower and health better.

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    Reinvigorating the Doctor-Patient Relationship

    We strive to bring economic honesty back into health care. We work together to stop hyperinflated medical bills. We support the move toward Direct Primary Care.

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    Freedom to Choose

    With freedom comes responsibility. Our members focus on both quality and cost together in their health care choices.

Families-Walking-Outdoors-Hold-4133449.jpgLiberty Direct is a program of Liberty Healthshare

We are a healthsharing ministry focused on honorable, conscientious, and caring sharing of medical needs among our members.

Any member of Liberty Direct is first and foremost a member of Liberty Healthshare. To learn all about Liberty Healthshare. Click Here >>

To current and future Doctors and Liberty Direct Participants,

square_of_john_hunt_1024.jpgThis website provides information about Liberty Healthshare’s program to help our members recognize the value of Direct Primary Care, and consider it for their own individual or family needs.

We are undertaking some changes to the program, to help it become more mainstream among Liberty Healthshare members. We apologize that this site will be undergoing changes. We will use it to provide information to physicians and patients currently involved in Liberty Healthshare and our Direct Primary Care support, as well as those contemplating participating. 

If you are not yet a member of Liberty Healtshare, the first thing to do is to learn all about health sharing, and get to know our Sharing Guidelines.  Liberty Healthshare is nothing like health insurance. To make a wise choice about joining requires conscientious thought that goes deeper than just looking at price. All the information about healthsharing is found on our main site.

Liberty Direct is a program of Liberty Healthshare. Liberty Direct helps our members connect with Direct Primary Care practices. This program is undergoing changes this week (just around the Christmas Holiday!) in order to make it more broadly available. Unfortunately, this means the site is mostly offline temporarily.  We will make the modifications as fast as we can. We recommend you check back on the website in a week or two.

We are directly informing the Direct Primary Care Doctors and our Liberty Direct members of the changes during the course of this week. After that, we will update this website so potential new members and new practices can decide if the program with its impending changes is right for them.

For current members of Liberty Healthshare, who are already signed up for Liberty Direct, but have specific questions that cannot wait a few days, please contact member services at Liberty Healthshare. If it can wait a few days, please just check back on this website in a week or so. We will have better and more answers available after the holidays.

We will be updating this site soon with specific contact information for customer service focused on our support of Direct Primary Care practices. 

 Thank you for your patience as we undergo these improvements.


John Hunt, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer, Liberty HealthShare

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